temperature controller for sensor type k

i would like to know if somebody already created a temperature controller for sensor type k

12 sensors or more with average value

alarm for high temperature

best regards

That has been done many times. Forum search!

Bah...screw the forum search...it gives us individuals trying to remove our noobish status a chance to educate others...and maybe even get some karma! :smiley:

Hey phil, I recommend you check out the max6675 library for a k thermocouple found here:

From there, you can learn the coding pretty easily. It's literally as easy as initializing the max6675 chip, giving it at least a delay of 500 milliseconds to get to work, and then using functionss like thermocouple.readFarhenheit() from the max6675 library to print out what you want to the serial or lcd.

Should take you 5 minutes or less to download the library, plug in the chip (which you can insert directly into the female pins on the arduino if you change some of the pin numbers), and load the serial example from your File->examples section of the Arduino IDE.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: