Temperature controller & ignition system. PAID

Hi there,

I have a project consisting of a closed system with a gas torch to heat up a room. Temperature control should be as accurate as possible (PID maybe?) and also need the code to include the electric spark ignition and safety routine. I have all the hardware already developed but need an expert to code the system needs.

Hi karlosflyer,

As a developer -- I always avoid developing products that require any level of personal safety protection. I just can't accept the liability that my software -- or the client's hardware -- can fail and I become liable (even partially) for the mishap.

I had to pass on a very good paying gig that dealt with controlling an ignition system and gas and exhaust valves. If you consider all the ways the software can fail -- I just couldn't accept the risk. That, and the hardware was being hobbled together by the client and I had no idea how reliable it would be.

Be VERY careful of anything anyone supplies to you. There are 100s of safety failure modes that could be fatal and it only takes one...

There is a reason these systems cost so much money -- it's because the hardware and software undergo a rigorous inspection and test program and the liability insurance that the companies are required to hold to fend off the inevitable lawsuit.