Temperature data logger idea?

Alright guys, I've seen a few projects out there for logging data onto a memory stick with usb interfaces for the arduino and have decided to make one of my own. However, I'm unsure about which interface to buy.

What I'm trying to do is monitor the temperature of a pipe using an LM34/34 (haven't decided which yet), and when the temperature goes above a certain point, start looking for the peak temperature in that period. For example, something along the lines of "If temp > 50, find the maximum reading in the time before it goes below 50 again", but in code form. Then, I want it to save the max temp to a flash drive, but you obviously need something to interface to the drive.

The most commonly referred to one that I've seen is the VDIP1, but I recently came across the VDRIVE2. It seems to me that the VDRIVE2 accomplishes the same as the VDIP1 but with a heck of a lot fewer pins. Does one have an advantage over the other (e.g. data transfer speed)?

As for data speed, I'd only be recording a temperature reading every ten minutes at least, probably much more spaced out. I'd also like to time stamp the readings, but there is another topic for that.

Here's links to both of them:



Thanks in advance!