Temperature Dependent Automated Sprayer

I am looking for a way to code a process into arduino. The goal of the project is to activate an automated sprayer once at a given temperature (90 degrees F).

I will have a thermistor connected to the 5v output of the arduino and share a ground. The sprayer is connected to arduino through the digital output pins.

Please advise

this is just a simple temperature controller project the thermistor would be on an analogue input pin A0… and a thermistor library used and the output will be a digital output D3… you will need to read thermistor and convert to a temperature value and compare it to a variable value you choose and when they are equal turn a digital output high or lower to activate a relay or circuit to turn on sprinkler. short of writing code for you find tutorials/ projects on arduino temperature controller projects ?? are is the sprayer a solenoid valve and what voltage or other…another ?? is what thermistor is being used as they need to be calibrated to read right…start by studying the thermistor libraries out there and build the thermometer then look at stuff liking turning LEDs off and on

Thank you. Great advise