Temperature Detecting Heating Control System with Mega2560

The temperature detecting heating control system works with DC5V voltage. This system uses DS18B20 temperature detection chip as the external detection equipment.
It works according to the external temperature collected by DS18B20. The system can make the heater work according to the temperature which has been setted. When the actual temperature is lower than the setting temperature, the heater begins to heat to make the temperature go up. When the heating temperature is not lower than the setting temperature, the heater stops working, the buzzer will alarm.


  1. When the starting-up system initializes, the buzzer will alarm. The 4bit digital tube displays the current temperature.
  2. Press the key 1 for a long while to enter the interface of setting temperature. The digital tube displays the setting temperature.(The primary temperature is setted as 30? ). Press the key2 or key3 to add or bring down the temperature. 3) The relay control the heater according to the comparison of the setting and actual temperature. If the setting temperature is higher than the actual one, the heater begins to heat, if not lower, the heater stops to heat.


You did a nice job on this. Thanks for showing what you did.