Temperature display


I am wanting to build a temperature display using 2 - 5x7 led matrixes that i have.

Could someone assist me in telling me what parts i would need and more importantly the processing of hooking all the components up


To be able to offer meaningful help we really need to know what the parts your trying to interface are. Do they have part numbers or any other identifying details or a link to where you bought them from or as a last resort some pictures.

Yes of course sorry.

the 2 matrix part numbers are the TC20-11EWA

im using the arduino uno


I suggest a DS18B20 temperature sensor and the use of this lib - http://milesburton.com/Dallas_Temperature_Control_Library - which includes examples

Should get you started, and do not forget to have a look at the reference section and the tutorial section of arduino.cc as there is a lot to learn!