Temperature & Humidity alarm

Dear all

I am a newbie for Arduino. Pls. help me to build project with Arduino UNO R3 which I am describing as bellow.

I have a stability chamber which has a temperature (RTD) and humidity sensor connected with individual controller and which is connected with a data logger which collects, stores and transmits data to the dedicated software on a PC.
Now the temperature limit is 30C +/- 2C means it has to be maintained between 28 to 32. Same with humidity its limit is 65% +/- 5% means it has to be maintained between 60% to 70%.
I want to connect this system with Arduino to trigger an alarm if temperature and / or humidity goes out of limit for more than 10 minutes as well as want it to send an SMS on specified mobile number.

Pls. help me.

why no one is replying? Have I posted it to wrong place? Pls. let me know.

Is the Arduino system to be totally independent or can you intercept the data from the existing sensors?
How is the data transmitted to the PC?

Which sensors are you using?
Especially humidity asks for good sensors. e.g. A DHT11 will not do the job.

You might also need an Real TIme CLock for time keeping..

First step is to make a simple sketch that just monitors the current temperature.
Then extend it so it checks against an alarm level.