Temperature, Humidity, and Pressure Data logger

I'm thinking about building a arduino project that records temp, humidity and pressure onto an SD card. I've done some research and I've decided to use the: SHT15 humidity and temperature sensor from sparkfun (almost I2C) SCP1000 Pressure sensor also from sparkfun (SPI interface) Adafruit Data logging shield for Arduino - v1.0 w/ realtime clock

However, I'm worried that this will be too many serial connections for the Arduino to handle. So I'm wondering if this will work connected to an Arduino Uno (or Duemilenova). If it will work, and I decide I want to add more sensors, how many can I have without overloading the arduino?

Thanks! Also if you have any tips on how I would go about programing this, they would be greatly appreciated. ;)

I have yet to get an SD card to work with a simple voltage divider to shift levels.

But, on the GPS/Navigator/environmental monitor thing I'm building I have - On I2C - An HMC6352 digital compass - A DS1307 RTC - 8 24LC256 EEPROMS

On SPI - An MPL115A Digital barometer. - A uM-FPU v3 floating point unit

On the Mega's UARTS

  • Serial "0" is for programming and uploading collected data
  • Serial 1 is connected to an EM-406 GPS
  • Serial 2 is connected to an XBee module
  • Serial 3 is connected to one of the "huge" LCD displays with serial backpack that Sparkfun sell

Everything is working fine, except the "keypad" library seems a bit sluggish, I'm going to solve that by adding a separate ATmega328 for the keypad, beeper/key "click", status LEDs.

I've tried all 10 I2C devices on my Duemilenove and it worked fine. Then I added the 2 SPI devices and it still worked. I just ran out of I/O pins for everything else! I2C is a fairly fast serial protocol and SPI is way faster.

If it were me, I'd use a Mega, just for the extra UART's and I/O.

Thanks for the info! I'll look into using a Mega.

For a temperature, humidity and water flow logging and warning system I'm putting together for the turkey farm I work on, I'm going to use the Seeedstudio Mega clone, it's like half the price and brings all the 1280's I/O pins.