Temperature & humidity sensor

I was looking at buying Honeywell sensor that is capable of sensing temperature and humidity. I mean single sensor can measure both these parameters.

I was looking for sensor with RH accuracy 3% and temp accuracy of 1 deg Cent
preferably SIP-4 package so that I can easily solder it into my prototyping board.

Now as you can see in the attached snapshot from Mouser Electronics (website from where I am buying these sensors). The price varies greatly between sensors w/ and w/o filter. I am not sure what these filters are and so not sure if I require the expensive ones ... Can anyone please help here ?

I am using these for my home gardening IoT setup but must be reliable (not sure about the reliability of DHT22, I am going to use the sensed data to start/stop expensive equipment, so would like to avoid these sensors)

operating temp = temperature range in which normal plants can survive
Humidity = 0 - 100%

As far I understand the filter is to protect the humidity sensing element against water and dust.

If you don't plan to have it in contact with water (or mist) or in a place where condensation can happen and the liquid touch tbe sensor, you should be ok to use the version without filter.

Just make sure you place the sensor in a protected perforated case so nothing but air touchs it.

Have used two DHT11 sensors, and neither was accurate when compared to each other for both humidity and temperature.

Also used a more expensive Sensiron SHT11 which gives better results, but at a heavy price ( model now superceeded )

When used in a greenhouse or similar enviroment for humidity, found it could only be used as general guide as little could be done to change the humidity unless it is a sealed area, so cannot see its worth paying a lot for a measurement thats only for pure info.

Would suggest you just use a DHT11 or 22 for a humidity reading and find the DS18B20 gives good temperature results and can be used on long leads.