Temperature Profiler

I am working on a device designed to measure temperatures at various depths to create a temperature profile (ideally for use in a lake). I am working on a protype now which will be around 3 or 4 feet long. The plan is to run a three wire "backbone" consisting of ground, Vcc, and data lines down a small PVC pipe and feed it back up to an arduino.

I am using these temperature sensors: waterproof DS18B20

The plan is to use PVC t-joints to stick the sensor probe through and essentially make the entire system full of interchangeable parts. The thing tripping me up is how to connect the sensors at these intervals to one common set of wires run the length of the system. I essentially need a t-joint for electrical wires if such a thing exists.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

What is the plan to waterproof the joints? I'd be more concerned about that vs how the 3 wires get physically connected, which could be a simple set of screw terminals that the 3 probe wires get connected to, such as

I plan on waterproofing the joints using standard PVC adhesive. As for where the sensor sticks out, the plan is to cap the perpendicular end of the t-joint and drill a hole to stick the probe through and then seal it with most likely silicon.

I was hoping for some time of joint I could clamp or crimp onto a cable but maybe such a thing doesn't exist? I like what you posted earlier and will continue to look for something that would fit my needs.

make the entire system full of interchangeable parts.

I plan on waterproofing the joints using standard PVC adhesive

These two statements seem to be entirely incompatible. Nothing will be interchangeable after PVC adhesive.

If you want to be able to interchage the parts maybe the "screw together" joints with o-rings would be suitable. But they are intended to keep water inside the pipe rather than to keep it out. (Sorry I don't know the technical name for those joints).


I'll edit the main post but let's assume they don't have to be interchangeable.

As for the wire connector, this is what I'm envisioning. The 8-pin is a bit excessive but I can't seem to find any ribbon cable other than this one with less than 10. Suggestions/ideas?