Temperature sensor + Light sensor

Hi, I'm syuhada... I need some help from my project class... How to design one system arduino that is using temperature sensor and light sensor which can be used in automotive and aviation application? I need to know the source code and diagram... :fearful:

Do you have any idea what your completed project is supposed to do?

I don't have any idea... I'm new and just getting started with the arduino.. I wish someone can help me with that.... I think about air-conditioner temperature controller to sustain the temperature inside the car but I do not how to do with the arduino..... I'm do no how to do with the light sensor to be used together with the temperature sensor.. I have learned to do a simple project in website adafruit.com.. that"all... To apply the project with the automotive and aviation application, its hard me to start the projects and got me no idea... =(

I got some idea ... one project arduino using photocell and temperature sensor together with buzzer...a police car application.... when temperature detect a heat and light sensor is also detected, the buzzer make a sound... but please I beg so bad =( please help me... I need to submit the project by next week on Tuesday...