Temperature sensor TM36 giving off weird values

Hi, I'm trying to use the the temperature sensor included on the StarterKit for a personal project and when reading the inout through analogRead(), I'm getting numbers between 7000 and 1023. I'm using the code in the Arduino projects to translate that into voltage and temperature, and the voltage seems to stay between 4.50V and 5.00V. Pretty mucch as if there was no sensor whatsoever, just a normal wire betweem the pins A0, GND, and 5V. I've never actually used much the TMP36 before, so I don't recall ever getting normal readings. Could it be broken? Any ideas? Any help would be appreciated.

It could be broken, but more likely it is a bad connection of the breadboard, or wrong connected TMP36.
Check if you have connected it to the analog channel that you are reading. A common mistake is to read the wrong analog pin.

Could you try with other wires, and another location of the breadboard ?
Do you have a multimeter to measure the voltage of the TMP36.

Did you know that a diode can be used as temperature sensor as well ? Select the 1.1V internal voltage reference, and measure the forward voltage (about 0.5 to 0.7V).

I borrowed another TMP36 (exact same model) and it seems to work fine now, so I must've busted mine by placing it the wrong way or something. No wiring or connection problems I guess. No, I didn't know about the diode, thanks for the tip!