temperature sensor

Can anyone tell me the difference between digital temperature sensor and an analog temperature sensor?
My project involves measuring temperature of a mobile object for which the system should shutdown (i.e. switch of servos and switch on LED) when temperature exceeds a certain threshold.

Every sensor is actually an analog but later the signal is converted to digital through ADC.
Analog temperature sensor = a sensor which will give you output in some voltage.
Digital = It will have in its package analog sensor+ ADC etc, you probably will get the data from it through serial communication.
Use the analog sensor
if the range is in 5v
with some math convert it to temperature

then using if() statement you can do the rest of your stuff

Thanks for your help, but I'm still a bit confused because the digital ones tend to have better accuracy than the analog ones. Do you recommend any in particular for the analog ones? I'm really struggling to find the right temperature sensor for my project because the size also matters due to space limitations
(It's a robotic hand)

what is the range to be measured and what accuracy and precision do you need?

The temparture range should be up to 100oC at least. accuracy <=1oC, precision 0.1oC

How about DS18B20?