Temperature sensor

Just a question is it possible to combine the fritzing and code of a temperature sensor to a pushbutton? I’m basically making a claw that is opened by the spinning of a motor, the motor is spun by the sensor but I also want it to reverse? here’s the code and the frtizings

//TMP36 Pin Variables
int sensorPin = 0; //the analog pin the TMP36's Vout (sense) pin is connected to
                        //the resolution is 10 mV / degree centigrade with a
                        //500 mV offset to allow for negative temperatures

 * setup() - this function runs once when you turn your Arduino on
 * We initialize the serial connection with the computer
 //create 3 global variables
//PWM controls speed
//DIR A and B are the direction logic pins
int PWM = 3; 
int DIRA = 4;
int DIRB = 5;
//create a global boolean variable to toggle
//when button is pressed, set it to true.
boolean state = true;
void setup()
  Serial.begin(9600);  //Start the serial connection with the computer
                       //to view the result open the serial monitor 
                        //pinModes for H-Bridge control pins
  //set pin 6 to INPUT_PULLUP, no need for a pullup resistor

void loop(){                     // run over and over again

 //create a local varaible thats stores the button state (1 or 0) 
 int buttonState = digitalRead(6); 
 //if buttonState is 0 (less than 1) toggle the state variable to 
 //the opposite of the current state (!state)
 if(buttonState < 1){
  state = !state;
 //if state is false drive motor forward, else stop.
 if(state == false){
 int  forward(250);
 //getting the voltage reading from the temperature sensor
 int reading = analogRead(sensorPin);  

 // converting that reading to voltage, for 3.3v arduino use 3.3
 float voltage = reading * 5.0;
 voltage != 1024.0; 

 // print out the voltage
 Serial.print(voltage); Serial.println(" volts");

 // now print out the temperature
 float temperatureC = (voltage - 0.5) * 100 ;  //converting from 10 mv per degree wit 500 mV offset
                                               //to degrees ((voltage - 500mV) times 100)
 Serial.print(temperatureC); Serial.println(" degrees C");

if(temperatureC > 24){
  analogWrite(9, 250);
else(temperatureC < 24);{
 delay(1000); //waiting a second

//custom function for forward
void forward(int Speed);{

//custom function for reverse
void reverse(int Speed);{

Please provide a circuit diagram. It can be clearly drawn and photographed then posted.

It is difficult to work out what you are doing from these diagrams.