Tempo Synced up with a Homemade Pressure Pad

Hi guys,

I'm really really new to this Arduino board business but I have to use one for my final project for interactive art project. I want to create a pressure pad that will calculate a person's tempo (beats per minute) who walks over it for a certain distance/period of time and then that information will be translated into a number (bpm) that can be synced with a pre-determined song of similar bpm and played after the person steps off the pressure pad.

My main issue is figuring out, one, how to make a pressure pad with household materials. I'm attempting to make one tonight by adhering aluminum foil to two sheets of cardboard in increments and then adding foam/sponge to the pads in between each increment and then attach wire to each side of the aluminum foil (with painter's tape?) so that when the foil touches each other, it will register. I'm not even sure this is the correct way to do this. If there is a better way, please let me know.

After I figure this out, I'm not entirely sure how to even connect the copper wires to the Arduino. Do I stick them directly into the analog in ports? :(

Of course, then I will have to program that once pressure is registered, a timer starts and for each time the foil sticks together, it is registered as a number which will then be divided by the time elapsed after the person steps off the pad completely: giving the bpm (roughly). Then, I'll have to have the computer return the closest song that matches that bpm. :astonished:

I know this is a lot of work/it may seem confusing. Thanks for any insight you guys can give me!