Temporary deactivation of OTA


is there any way to temporarily deactivate OTA within Arduino?

I want to upload a sketch to an ATTiny85 via programmer (USBasp).

But: I have two ESPs running in my house and Arduino automatically selects one of them in Tools > Port - and I cannot uncheck the selection so that nothing is selected.
I dont know why, but everytime I hit "upload via programmer" Arduino tries to upload the sketch to one of my ESPs (and asks for a password). Once I disconnectmy ethernet cable, the upload is working fine.

Any hints? I don't want to disconnect my PC from the internet everytime I want to upload a sketch onto my ATTinys ..

Thank you very much

the USBasp programmer will not use the selected port if you use "Upload using programmer"

Thank you for your comment. But that´s exactly what is happening, and I don't understand why. So this must be a bug?

As I described before, everytime I hit "upload via programmer" (or Ctrl+Shift+U) Arduino wants me to input my ESP-Password for OTA.
ISP Programmer is plugged-in in my USB Port, ATTiny85 is selected under Tools > board and Tools > Programmer is configured to 'USBasp' .
If I now just unplug my ethernet cable from my PC and hit "upload via programmer" again it works flawlessly.

yes it must be a bug

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