temporary rss feed for forum available

I made a temporary rss feed for this forum (based on the "latest 10 posts" page). http://feed43.com/arduino_latest.xml

Temporary? Well, I imagine it's simply a matter of turning on a preference in YaBB admin to have a feed provided by the forum software itself. Particularly now that the forum has upgraded it's YaBB version. Anyway, this was the quick workaround. Hope others find it useful.

I've tested a little and already seen that the feed43.com server has to reject requests sometimes due to high load.

Why are feeds a good idea for the forum? The easier it is for people to passively monitor the forum, the more likely they are to do so and to contribute answers.

If you're using a feed reader, remember to make sure it doesn't check with a ridiculous frequency, as that puts an unnecessary load on the forum server. You can normally adjust the check frequency per feed via that feed's properties. Once or twice per hour sounds reasonable. Really, we're not such a large readership that it should matter too much here if you check every 5 mins. Hopefully feed43.com has a decent cacheing strategy, and most of the load should be theirs.

This ok, admins?