tennis racket/ball speed/impact detection using the MPU-6050.

Hey guys,

I have a mini project I’m trying to accomplish using an arduino nano and an mpu-6050. What my code does is basically trying to find the speed of the racket on impact and perhaps the impact force on the ball. What I have at the moment is that it it detects the interval of the tennis stroke and the time it takes for that stroke to occur (back swing, acceleration, contact and then follow through) during that time it calculates the Impact acceleration of the value when the racket hits ball in m/s2. Now my question is, is there a way to measure the speed of the ball after in contact with the racket knowing the acceleration of the racket? Is it possible to just convert m/s2 to speed?
Also After identifying what the curve looks like after contact, is there a way to detect this small change(circled in the image attached)? Sometimes, on contact, it shows a smooth triangle curve with no impact mark which is quite hard to identify when trying to write a logic for this code.