TeraRanger One on Arduino

Hi guys, I’m trying to extract data from the TeraRanger One onto Arduino for data interpretation. I have tried looking for TeraRanger library for Arduino but have trouble using the library.

The library I found was from here:

When I try to include the library I get an error message saying “Specified folder/zip file does not contain a valid library”. However I checked in the folder that there is a .h file. Other than this library I can’t seem to find any arduino libraries for TeraRanger One.

Please pardon me I’m new to programming and Arduino, hope to get some help to get me unstuck from this situation.


The code you linked is not intended for Arduino. The comments say "tested for Windows only"

Thanks for your reply. That said, is the Arduino compatible to program the TeraRanger One?


You can find the code for reading TeraRanger One from Arduino in my GitHub repository here: