Terminal Blocks, need to know what type

I'm currently working on a project where I will be using DIN rail products. I'm trying to remember the name of a terminal block that is a feed through but has a switch in the middle that is activate by arduino. Basically, if arduino is not sending a signal (there's a wire connecting arduino to the terminal block) then no power can go through. I think there's one input source and two output source on that terminal block as well as the switch input but the switch will alternate between the two output based on Arduino commands.

I look online but I only see feed through, fuse, etc. Anyone know what the name of the terminal block I'm looking for? Bonus if you can refer me to the website that sell that. I will be in debt to you!

Sounds like a Relay. Common pin connected to Normally Closed, when the coil is enertgized the Common then connects to Normally Open instead.