Terminal monitor

I have a program running on my Arduino that prints several lines of information when a terminal window is open one of those lines is the temperature outside. I have another program running on my Windows computer that every half hour opens a terminal window and captures the 3rd line from the terminal window and read it out loud then closes the window untill the next time. The problem is that when the terminal window opens it's not always in order. Sometimes the terminal window opens with the third line starting sometimes it opens with the first line starting sometimes it opens with the fifth line. Is there any way to have the same order every time. It does the same thing when using arduino terminal window Thanks Rick

Do you let the Arduino reset when opening the terminal window ? There could be something in a buffer and with a reset there is no guarantee for a clean start.

Perhaps when you wait one second before the Arduino sends text, and send that text just once. Don't send anymore text when the Arduino is running.

Can you modify the program that does the talking so it takes the data directly from the Arduino. That way it could manage the reset process properly. This Python demo illsutrates how that can be done.

Does it matter for your purposes that the Arduino resets when the serial port is opened?