Test a small Motor control code


Im new in Arduino and microcontroller . Would like to test a code that control the small motor like polulu 18v15 . Any help how to build the small rig and what parts are needed and how to connect them?


that is not a motor. that is a driver,

I have Pololu High-Power Motor Driver 18v15

I test the code from http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=160257.0

I wonted to try the PWM on a DC 12V Gear Motor but its doesnt work.

I used power supply and connected OUTA,OUTB to the DC Motor, than 12V from power Supply to V+ of Motor Driver and Ground as well. On the other side of Pololu
conected GND pin to Arduino and PWM to pin 11 and DIR to pin 3 of Arduino.

What is wrong, why my motor doesn't run?


Sorry I mean thats the driver. My motor is DC 12V Gear motor. I found a sample code for PWM but my motor doest move . I test this code

But the motor doesnt run

Any help?