Test circuit for EU1640BCH12T / R Water proof ultrasonic sensors with Arduino?

I have EU1640BCH12T/R waterproof ultrasonic sensors, which I have got from this link. These are standalone raw sensors without breakout board and not a module like HC-SR04. Being a new electronics hobbyist, I want to test these sensors with Arduino for distance sensing. I tried replacing transmitter and receiver of the original HC-SR04 module with my these ultrasonic ones but I am getting very ambiguous outputs from the circuit. Please suggest what circuit do I need to make to test these raw waterproof ultrasonic sensors?



I made a big mistake buying the JSN SR04T waterproof ultrasonic sensor because it has 20cm minimum distance and is also very unstable.

1000s of people are having a problem with it as per this video

Then I bought this other sensor (Sealed Waterproof ultrasonic/distance small blind sensor arduino Fully Genuine | eBay) which has 2 transducers instead of 1 and therefore has minimum distance of around 3cm and is also completely sealed from all sides making it super rugged and waterproof.