Test Resolution of TFT LCD


I own 2 TFT LCD displays with 4.3" Screen. Both with ssd1963 chipset.
One should be 480x272 the other 800x480 resolution.

If I test them with UTFT library on Arduino Due I get the same results with "ITDB43" and "ITDB50". Are the vendors information wrong or how would I check the real resolution of the TFT Display?

thank you


From UTFT.h:

#define ITDB43			12	// SSD1963	(16bit) 480x272
#define ITDB50			13	// SSD1963	(16bit) 800x480

From UTFT.cpp:

dsx[12] = 271, dsx[13] = 479
dsy[12] = 479, dsx[13] = 799
dsx[12] = 16, dsx[13] = 16

So UTFT knows the sizes.

Regarding the actual panels. You could say that you are using 800x480 for both panels.
Draw a 480x272 rectangle. What does it look like?

Alternatively, measure the diagonal of each panel. One will be 4.3 inch and the other 5.0 inch.

You can also measure the X, Y dimensions. The 4.3 will have X/Y = 1.76 and 5.0 will have X/Y = 1.67