Test the release candidate for Arduino 0018.

Release candidates for Arduino 0018 are now available.

Windows: http://arduino.googlecode.com/files/arduino-0018-rc1-2.zip
Mac OS X: http://arduino.googlecode.com/files/arduino-0018-rc1.dmg
Linux: http://arduino.googlecode.com/files/arduino-0018-rc1.tgz

There's also a test plan based on the changes in this release:

Please test the release during the rest of January and post your
results as comments on the test plan wiki page (or here on the
developers list). Of course, you should also try out the things that
haven't changed to make sure they didn't break in the process. I plan
to make the release in early February.

You can see the list of issues addressed in this release at

As usual, there are lots of things that didn't make it in. Bad bugs
or other unexpected problems can be corrected for the final 0018
release, but most issues will probably have to wait for the next

Suggestions on the test plan and method are also welcome. I'd like to
make it easier for people to test the software before the final

Sounds and looks good so far. I will report any issues I happen to run into.


Nice list of changes.. yet right at the first start i found an 0017 'bug' - when i open a file a new window is created. In 17 i thought this was rather a bug or nuisance, is theis a bug or a feature? And if it is a feature - could it be toggled off?

I believe it's a feature - most programs will create a new window when you open a new document. If you'd like to be able to disable or modify this behavior, please file a bug with Processing. Any changes there will then get picked up in future Arduino releases.