Testing a Nano Board

I have been working on a sound project which still needs work but I have doubts as to the state of the Nano boards I have been using. Is there a test sketch that will confirm a Nano board is good or bad. Thanks Jim

Bad in what way ?

Can you upload the Blink sketch and does it run as expected ?

A simple go/no go for the ports including analog would be: tie them together and set all as input and pull up. Read all the ports they should be high, set one low and read all the ports, they should all be low. Then check the analog read. Go to the next port and repeat. This is quick, not complicate but not that thourigal either, just quick.


Thanks for your mail. I am trying to control a DF Player with a Nano via a sketch that will allow up to 18 mp3

tracks to be played at the press of a button or a low from a remote control. I have downloaded the sketch and

I have a working example on Vero which was given to me completed. I now have a PCB but getting it working I cannot. I have been into electronics

for a number of years did some of Picaxe and moved on to Arduino, of which I am a beginner.

So with the PCB I checked fully the supply, components and bridged tracks and they seem all OK and then on to the Nano.

I tried other Nano's without success and I started thinking what if the Nano was cuffed and how can I test it and prove it OK.

I think it is the way I am trying to download the sketch, the main code comes from a different source from the library I need

<DFPlayer_Mini_Mp3.h> but the faulty Nano idea was still in my thoughts. Overall I need to get my head around this in order to learn

but the failure rate is a 100% and if I do not ask there light at the end of the tunnel. Sorry for the long explanation.

So I can download the Blink sketch and alter the timing and it runs fine on two boards.

Given that the board will do a simple uploaded and sketch can I assume it is working.

Thanks for any help you can offer.


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Bad in what way ?

Can you upload the Blink sketch and does it run as expected ?

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