Testing program for Xband sensor?

I just got a Parallax x-band motion detector #32213. I would like to test to see if my detector is working properly. I am just not sure how to start my test program in ardunio. My reason for getting the detector is to detect motion through glass. The "en" pin is what throws me off. I am new at programing in ardunio, so if someone could lead me in the right direction that would be wonderful. Thanks for your time.

EN pin? Can you post a link to this device please?

Here is a link to the device that you had requested. Thank you.


From that datasheet:

When the EN pin is pulled high it enables the device.

Unless you want to turn it on and off in your program, just connect EN to +5V.

Thank you, I will try that to see if I get and response fron my detector. So "En" is like an "ON" switch..? I have to condition for the pin to be enabled inorder have it working? Hopefully everything works out.

So “En” is like an “ON” switch…?