Testing rf reciever

Hey all is there a sketch to tell if a rf reciever is working I ha e a 315 and a 433 that I can't seem to receive any data with. I have tried rcswitch


You need a working transmitter on the correct frequency, in order to test the receiver.

I start with Audacity on a laptop, as described here.

I have devices in both freqs I am only after getting the raw values on the serial monitor once I have it doing that I will work on interpretation of the data.

You don't say what radios you're using. The few different radios I have played with are always supported by an Arduino library, and those libraries always contain some example code to plug into two radios to test connectivity. That would be your first step.

The reciever I am using is an rf-5v

So, you don't have a transmitter and yet you expect to receive something?

the transmitters are various 433.92mhz devices by multiple companies one of which happens to be entry sensors for my alarm system.


Thanks, that narrows it right down.

Your hobby receivers prob use different protocols than commercial security products

The receivers and transmitters must both be on the same frequency and must also use the same modulation scheme.
AM and FM radios are common but totally incompatible with each other.
Actually testing a receiver itself needs quite complex test gear, usually a commercial signal generator which very few people will have.
Ive got an old Hp8640B which whilst very old is an excellent generator and you can sometimes see them advertised on Ebay.

OK as I stated the receiver and sensor are both 433.92mhz and based on the waveform from my sdr the sensor is on AM at least it looks like an AM. I do have a signal generator however I have only ever used it to generate basic test tones for testing my amateur radio gear. Also if it helps the alarm system is simplisafe


To repeat, I start analyzing sensor transmissions using a receiver, and Audacity on a laptop, as described here.

ok I finally got around to running it through audacity however I am not sure where to start the decoding I know that each sensor transmits it's id this is letters but it sure where to start translating it