Testing the copy to forum IDE-function

This is a test if the copy for forum-function of the arduino IDE is still working#

void PrintFileNameDateTime() {
  Serial.println("Code running comes from file ");
  Serial.print("  compiled ");
  Serial.print(" ");

boolean TimePeriodIsOver (unsigned long &expireTime, unsigned long TimePeriod) {
  unsigned long currentMillis  = millis();  
  if ( currentMillis - expireTime >= TimePeriod )
    expireTime = currentMillis; // set new expireTime
    return true;                // more time than TimePeriod) has elapsed since last time if-condition was true
  else return false;            // not expired

unsigned long MyTestTimer = 0;                   // variables MUST be of type unsigned long
const byte    OnBoard_LED = 2;

void BlinkHeartBeatLED(int IO_Pin, int BlinkPeriod) {
  static unsigned long MyBlinkTimer;
  pinMode(IO_Pin, OUTPUT);
  if ( TimePeriodIsOver(MyBlinkTimer,BlinkPeriod) ) {
    digitalWrite(IO_Pin,!digitalRead(IO_Pin) ); 

void setup() {

void loop() {

  if ( TimePeriodIsOver(MyTestTimer,1000) ) {

paste and let's see it by posting... Yeah ! Works as expected! Very good!
So hinting to this function still makes sense
best regards Stefan

Did you have something after the //#include ? E.g. //#include <somefile.h>

No just a "#include" as a template

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