testing the waters, my first Arduino Library

i posted this in the bar as it is my first library, that i have written, and i assume my code is laughable in this attempt. :wink:

it works with the RDM630 125Khz reader from eBay, like THIS.

it is very quick and dirty, and i mainly wrote it because i needed it for my alarm project. if anybody has one of those readers, feel free to test the code, beat it into submission, and let me know how i could make it better.

it is located on my GitHub.

anyway, i have to go to the store to get supper.


Thanks for your contribution to the Arduino community!

There is an Exhibition/Gallery forum for posting your work.

"that i have written,"
Looks like some of that code came from somewhere else :wink:


Posting it in Programming would get more comments on your code.

i.e. Here is my code, would people recommend additions and improvements . . .

Putting it at the bar is not the place for review, but you knew that already.

It's scary inside the bar. 8)