Testing Wi-Fi / BLE on Nano RP2040?

Any idea how one gets started using the Wi-Fi or BLE on the Nano RP2040 Connect? I just got mine and all the relevant libraries I might need like WifiNina or Arduino Wifi are nowhere to be found the Windows version of Arduino 2.0 IDE. I am able to connect to the board and make a blinking light sketch so it works.

The web editor refuses to connect to it, however, giving the message "error uploading. check if the selected board is currently available," when I try to upload a sketch and there too any of the libraries I might need are not shown. I'm completely stuck and frankly the documentation has almost no information at all, apart from the board layout.

I have no experience with anything that you mentioned. However, there are a number of topics in Arduino IDE 2.0 - Arduino Forum that sem to indicate that IDE2.0 currently comes without any (standard?) libraries.

If you need help with the web editor side of things, you can start a dedicated topic in Web Editor - Arduino Forum; or search there first, maybe somebody else has experiened the same problem. Just keep the topic related to only the web editor, else you will be accused of cross posting :wink:

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