Testthread how many posts are allowed for a new user and do the rules to reach trustlevel 1 work?


so this is a testuser called StefanL38Test to check if the rules mentioned here

really work

So this is my main user
I'm using "him" to post answers.
@the moderators: after finishing this test I will delete the user StefanL38test

best regards Stefan

So the ping-pong testgame of postings can go on. Let's see how many postings are possible

greetings the test

so my estimation is 6 postings?

can I post 6 postings on trustlevel 0?

greetings the test

I don't know I have never tested this before.
let's go on posting and see what happends

greentings the test

I have looked up your profile joined 12 minutes ago reading 5 min.

5 minutes more to read to fullfill one of 3

best regards Stefan

this is the easiest part

But I guess I will manage the second part too (reading 10 or 30 threads?)
don't remember it can you tell me?
greetings the test

Hm as it is me again I don't remember it.
Just gonna lookup it. I have bookmarked the posting
best regards Stefan

Oh ! you can have bookmarks on the forum?
this is great where can I bookmark?

and don't foget to look up how many threads!

greetings the test

Yes you can. it's at the bottom of each posting

best regards Stefan

what about how many threads you forgot to tell me

please post the right number

greetings the test

AH ! Oh sorry ok I look it up......

Get to trust level 1 by…

  • Entering at least 5 topics
  • Reading at least 30 posts
  • Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

oh that's easy just 5 topics?

Well still enough to keep spam-bots out

still haven't reached the maximum number of postings
I thought there was a limit?

Yes I thought that too?!?!?!

hm maybe ten?
just go on posting

best regards Stefan

So this is about my 8th posting. very curious when the limit comes.
The first hurdle is mastered more than 10 minutes reading

greetings the test

Yeah congrats on that !

I will suggest the team should add a high-endurance badge ;-))

best regards Stefan

haha lol! and please suggest a highest-posting frequency badge too! Haha !

greetings the test

great idea:

best regards Stefan

High tension

this is my 10th posting will the red light switch on?
too bad day was changing a few posts before
anyway interesting if it works across midnight

what is the difference between a frog?

greetings the test

uhm don't know uhmmmmm difference between a frog?.....

don't get it please tell me!

best regards Stefan