Texas Instruments L293NE pinout help

im haveing problems with the Texas Instruments L293NE pinout it does not have info for the right side of the ic. can someone tell me what the complete pinout is? i dont want to fry the ic but i found this is that the pinout i need?

I do not use this chip. But I think you should also connect the pin 9 to enable the chip. I recommend you to read the datasheet.

TI's data sheet.


Pinout is as shown in your post. What is the question?

The chip is in two halves. Pin 9 is the enable pin for drivers 3 and 4, just like pin 1 is the enable for drivers 1 and 2. 3Y and 4Y are the motor connections for those two drivers, and 3A and 4A are the logic inputs for them.

When you write ‘pinout’ , legaoaceking, maybe you think ‘wiring’…

Pinout for this chip is the same from the begining (around 1975)
Look at the original pinout from italian SGS company in the seventies.
The chip’s pins received sometimes different names when second sourcing occured, but pinout is allways the same. it’s a chip only affair !!!

Wiring depends on what you intend to do whis this multipurpose chip : drive motors, lamps, relays ?
If motor driving is your intent, how many motors (1 , 2 , 3, 4 ?)
constant or variable speed ? … and so on…

You will find different wirings for different purposes whis same chip.

L293 SGS.pdf (232 KB)

ok thats what i need thank you!

one more question if im using 2 6v motors on the ic on pin vcc2 do i supply 12v (6 + 6 = 12) or 6v

The motors are effectively in parallel, so you'll need 6V for 6V motors.