Texas Instruments RF Receive - RI-STU-MRD1-30

Is this IC compatible with Arduino?


Would I be able to plug it into the board, and immediately start receiving intelligible signal, or would it require a RS232 to TTL converter, or something?

I'm still very new to Arduino, and programming with microcontrollers & IC's in general. I've had good fun with experimenting with photoresistor's, and ultrasonic sensors. I'm looking to experiment with low frequency RF at 134.2kHz.

Thanks for any input

Thanks Richard, I also appreciate the suggestions on how to better tailor questions for the forum. I'm learning on an Arduino Mega. I'm picking up several sets of RF IC's as I think it will be fun to compare. As far as hobbies go, this one is more affordable than the marine aquarium was = )

The original question was meant to address hardware.