Texas Instruments RFID reader

Has anyone used the TI high frequency RFID reader before? I'm trying to get it to work, but i can't tell if it works or not because if i have parts of the code that tell it to print stuff to the screen it doesnt seem to even turn on. I think maybe the reader doesn't work if you send it wrong data on tx?? This would mean theres no way for me to print data to the screen to even check if its working (since print command sends on tx)?? I have gotten other rfid readers to work but this TI one seems weird. I was thinking of trying software serial and then trying to print to the screen since the tx is different than the software serial one, but i dont think software serial supports that baud rate.

You don't say what that baud rate is, but have a look at the NewSoftSerial library: http://sundial.org/arduino/index.php/newsoftserial/ It supports most common buad rates.

i think maybe that wasnt the problem i tried using that and the reader still doesnt seem to work. Does anyone know how to get data from this reader? I send it the bytes it says to do from the datasheet but it doesnt respond with anything and sometimes just stops working or turns off.