Text and Data on OpenLCD

Hello Everyone,

New here, first post and all. Hopefully my .ino is loaded correctly.

Things are bouncing one char space back and forth on occasion?
I’m sure I’m not doing this right but I’m used to having (set cursor at) type commands so the OpenLCD is a little weird to me.

//  send data to OpenLCD  **** even through this sorta works, 
  //  this can't be the way one is expected to use this OpenLCD?
  char buffer[20];  //  really this goes in a loop?
  myTempStr = "   Temp ";
  myTempStr1 = newTemp;
  myTempStr.concat(" F     ");
  myTempStr.toCharArray(buffer, 20);
  //  delay(25);

  myTempStr = "    Baro ";
  myTempStr1 = newBp;
  myTempStr.concat(" inHg\n");
  myTempStr.toCharArray(buffer, 20);
  //  delay(25);

Nice LCD, big and brite. I can actually see it without my reading glasses.
I like having it flash a color as part of a warning system.

Any help is golden

LCD_PressureTemperature.ino (14.7 KB)