text in out help

Advice on sending receiving text messages that will return a level from the analogue input.

i want to set up a remote level detection unit. The unit when receiving a text message that reads " level " checks the level/analogue input and returns this to the sender via text message.

Has anyone done this if so can i have the script. i am new to this and have learnt the basic text in and out but I'm struggling with reading the text and returning the correct message.

Sorry for the ask but I'm stuck

Thanks all

Steve Long

Think of the process as a journey. When you lose your way we can help with directions, but we do not operate a free taxi service.

You could start by outlining what hardware you plan to use?

yea " taxi "

Arduino Uno R3 with GSM shield both genuine parts.

External PSU on the GSM board as per recommendation.

I'm running the 1.6.4 on a mac with parallels. i actually run the system in parallel mode using windows as the mac doesn't always recognise the board ?

sorry don't want the taxi just a map.

thanks all


So to break down the project into manageable chunks:

  1. Read incoming message
  2. Read sensor
  3. Reply with results

You don't specify which sensor you plan to use. Does it use SoftwareSerial for comms? If so then there's a problem as the GSM shield also uses a version.