Text to speech without any shield


Can anyone explain how to make simple text to speech with ARDUINO UNO or NANO . without any additional shields

thank you

text to speech is not a simple task and hard or impossible to do with the limited processing power of an arduino. A raspberry pi or a similiar dev board is what you probably want to use.

lg, couka

aside from couka's response, anytime you need functionality beyond the capability of a basic arduino (whichever model). You have to add additional circuitry to get required signals to/from the arduino, and/or control external components (what the Atmel uC's were designed for). whether you hardwire or add a dedicated shield, you are essentially doing the same thing.

Soooo, even if the Arduino line did have sufficient horsepower and memory to support text to speech conversion, the answer would still be no.


I have attached a copy of a TextToSpeech library. The test sketch fits on an UNO taking up 32% of FLASH and 21% of SRAM. The results are VERY ‘robotic’ but better than nothing.

  Text To Speech synthesis library
  Copyright (c) 2008 Clive Webster.  All rights reserved.
  Nov. 29th 2009 - Modified to work with Arduino by Gabriel Petrut.

TextToSpeech.zip (19.9 KB)