Textile project


I am Creating a Textile (Jacquard) project. Reading the design in Image (BMP) file from USB and the design has been print through cylinder (The cylinder have 400 hooks).

Originally the Jacquard machines were mechanical, and the fabric design was stored in a series of punched cards which were joined to form a continuous chain that presently using this logic.

Instead of the punched cards its should automated though computer (i.e., reading the design from Pendrive automatically and work as like a punched card.

Anyone have any idea on this, Please suggest.

I'm guessing a Jacquard is analogous to a Gerber for making PCBs....

Can you already decode your bmp file which I'm sure will need to conform to some defined structure with a header and a footer, and signals as to where the data actually starts, how long the records are etc etc.

Then assuming you can verify it's a bmp and know how to get at the bits in the bitmap, do you know what to do with them? I have no idea how a Jacquard is structured, but presumably there are commands in there somewhere like change thread from red to green and sew 10 stitches of a certain type of stitch, then change to blue and do 100 stitches of a different style.

edit: Or if the Jacquard is basically a "photo" of the garment, you'll need to do a huge amount of processing to turn that into some commands to a machine.

Is it your intention to basically read the Jacquard bmp in, and have a garment pop out the other side?

You will, I'm sure, need to provide a ton of more detail. I'm inclined to think this is a very specialised area which will require a lot of knowledge about the internals of a Jacquard file, and sophisticated mechanical, electrical, electronic and programming skills to pull it off.

Ps to above. I did a bit of digging around and founds sites like this for example.

It seems to me that this is a 2-stage process:

  • Start with a bmp (or other image type) of the garment. That's not the Jacquard, it's a photo...
  • Convert that into what that linked site calls a Vega file (not clear if that's just them, or an industry name). THAT is the Jacquard, I think, ie the file that controls the machine, the Gerber of the weaving world...

So what is it exactly that you want to do... you mention both bmps and Jacquards, so it seems to me that you want to convert a bmp into a Vega/Jacquard and then also build a machine that will take that and make a carpet?

I may have the specifics wrong, only looked for 5 minutes, but specifics aside, any part of that is a huge project.

Is this a retrofit project?

zwieblum: Is this a retrofit project?

Whatever it is, in another thread that looks related to this, OP says:

sureshdba2003: I am Creating a my first project using Arduino.

... and this does not look like beginner territory to me.

But right now, what the OP has in mind is not at all clear.

OP's gone very quiet on this...

Fascinating stuff. The Wikipedia article has this to say:

Jacquard's invention had a deep influence on Charles Babbage. In that respect, he is viewed by some authors as a precursor of modern computing science

The major part of the project will be the interface to the machine, which will depend greatly on what type of machine it is. With well over 200 years worth of machines to choose from, it would help if you narrowed it down a bit. I remember back around the 80's a tv show touring a carpet factory that was reproducing an antique carpet for a building restoration, using the same weaving machine they had produced the original on, using the original pattern from their archives, but producing new punch cards on a computer controlled punch.