TFmini lidar plus - sun and water erroneous in measurement

I am testing this sensor and a problem has occurred. When I measure the distance to the point on the road is all right. When this point is strongly illuminated by the sun and I pour it over with water, the measurement gives 0. Is there any way to improve this sensor's performance in this situation and not worsen the measurements in other conditions? A similar problem occurs with the dark colors of cars :-)

Reflectance sensors work well only under certain conditions.

Keep those conditions in mind when interpreting the results.

You can expand the statement "Keep those conditions in mind when interpreting the results." How can I interpret the result of such a measurement to distinguish reflections from surfaces caused by rain and sun distance = 0, and for example a dark vehicle which will give similarly end result distace = 0 ??

You can't. No sensor works under all possible conditions.

In difficult situations, use a couple of different types of sensors and a clever means of deciding which one is more likely to be correct.