TFmini LiDAR

This is the worlds smallest and cheapest lidar units. Using the time of flight ranging principle, the TFmini is able to achieve 100Hz range updates, with an accuracy of about 5mm (indoors) with a range of up to 12m indoors, or about 8m outdoors. All this in a package similar to the size of an AA battery with a weight of just 10g. |500x108

Essentially this is the same size and similar cost as many ultrasonic rangefinders, but has significantly better performance. The TFmini communicates over UART that is compatible with many systems including pixhawk, arduino etc... The TFmini uses advanced algorithms to automatically adjust to indoor/outdoor environments to always ensure you are getting good ranging performance. This unit runs on 5V, and has a peak current of 800mA with a FOV of 2.3°. |500x182 SIZE

Technical Details Dimensions 36mm x 15mm x 16mm Weight G.W 10g N.W 10g Battery Exclude Operating range 0.3m-12m Maximum operating range at 10% reflectivity 5m Average power consumption 0.12W Applicable voltage range 4.5V-6V Acceptance angle 2.3° Minimum resolution ratio 5mm Frequency 100Hz Accuracy 1% (less than 6m), 2% (6m-12m) Distance detection unit mm Laser Wavelength 850nm Operating temperature -20℃-60℃ Light sensitivity 70,000lux Communication interface UART Laser Safety Class FDA Class Ⅰ

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Do you have an Arduino library or sketch how to use it?

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