Tfmini project help

Hi all,

I'm working on a project and was given a sparkfun red board, a tfmini module, and a couple of the 3.3V voltage regulators to just test out the tfmini for some prototyping. I know there are very easy ways to setup up the tfmini on a blackboard but I was wondering if there was any way to set it up using the products I was given.

Would you just take the TX and RX wires of the tfmini through a voltage regulator before hooking them up to ports 10 and 11 on the red board? I would really appreciate an help.

By no means I want to smash Your fingers but Your topic is strange to read for me.
Voltage regulators are used to produce a stabilized voltage, to logic boards, often named Vcc. Like using a car battory of 12 volts and creating 5.0 or 3.3 volt an UNO, a Nano etc.. There is no way that Rx and/or Tx is involved in supply voltage management. There is an item called "level shifters" used when one Component uses 5 volt logic and the other unit is a 3.3 volt type.
Using a not correct terminologi will confuse and lead to misunderstandings.
Do You have any wiring diagram to attach?

I was more just asking if it was possible to wire everything with the given equipment I have. When you say level shifters are your talking about using a logic level converter like the picture attached or are you talking about something completely different?

The level shifter in your screen grab should work. At 115200 rate, using just resistors will not likely work. Also, keep your jumper wires short.

Yes. You only need those logic level shifters when 2 devices uses different logic level like one uses 5.0 volt and another uses 3.3. I don't know the tfmini, what voltage it needs. You talk about a sparcfun red board..... What stuff does it contain? I don't know that.

The device is powered by 5V, according to the sparkfun page.

If I were doing this project, I'd get a USB TTL adapter that has 3.3V logic. It's much easier to type in some commands for initial tests than using Arduino to do the initial tests.