TFT 1.44" -128x128 infos

I have a Module:

Could you advise me which library
I would like examples to be able to program it.
Thank you

It seems I2C and not SPI

It is SPI (with bidirectional data pin). That is why it is called SDA and not SDI.

These displays require 3.3V logic. You must provide level shifters or series resistors if you want to use a 5V Arduino like Uno or Mega.

Bodmer has library. He also has diagrams to show how to add series resistors.


If (Bodmer) {library = TFT_eSPI;} :)

No, Bodmer has written several libraries. TFT_eSPI is the most impressive. For ESP8266 and ESP32.

But there is one for small TFTs like ST7735S, ILI9163C, ... which works on regular Uno, Mega, Due, ...


Hello, Thank you, I found some examples Georges