tft 3.2'' ILI9325 HY32D

Hola a todos, este es mi primer post, adquirí una pantalla tft de 3.2 pulgadas con el driver ILI9325 modelo HY32D de 34 pines. He intentado todas las conexiones como indica la librería UTFT pero no funciona, la pantalla se queda en blanco. Estoy usando un Arduino DUE. Si me podrían ayudar con un diagrama de conexiones, un programa ejemplo me sería de gran ayuda.

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Hello everyone, this is my first post, I acquired a 3.2-inch tft screen with the ILI9325 driver model 34-pin HY32D. I tried all the connections as indicated by the UTFT library but it does not work, the screen goes blank. I am using an Arduino DUE. If you could help me with a connection diagram, an example program would be of great help to me.

Google found HY32D manufacturer site when searching HY32D. This has a SSD1289 controller.

The website also shows HY32D for ILI9325

Both photos look the same.

Connect all the lines to your Due.
Use model SSD1289 in the UTFT constructor if you have the SSD1289 version.
Use model ILI9325D_16 in the UTFT constructor if you have the ILI9325 version.

Note that UTFT will default to use D22-D37 for the data bus e.g. like a Mega2560.
You can change the mapping by editing HW_ARM_defines.h to select CTE_DUE_SHIELD or EHOUSE_DUE_SHIELD
You can see which pins are used for the data bus by reading HW_SAM3X8E.h



the problem was with the bookstore. I used the connections as indicated by the model SSD1289 and the driver ILI9325_16, it works.

The HY32D requires 3.3V logic. So it is no good with 5V Uno or 5V Mega.
You have a 3.3V Due so it works fine.

If you connect the RD pin, it will work with MCUFRIEND_kbv library too. (as a SPECIAL)