TFT Adafruit Shield: Nothing happens when I push the button...

Recently I bought the 2.8" TFT Touch Shield for Arduino - I like it and it works fine.
Now I am trying to create a menu and print the buttons in the screen, but unfortunately, the TFT doesn't print what I push.
In the example I atach the code, I am trying to print a "7". I've checked with the Serial.print that I get correctly the number...but for some reason the TFT can't print on the screen.
I attach the code:
oid loop()

Point p = ts.getPoint();
if (p.z > MINPRESSURE && p.z < MAXPRESSURE) { // Si apreto un boto
p.x = map(p.x, TS_MINX, TS_MAXX, tft.width(), 0); // Recalculo les posicions X i Y
p.y = map(p.y, TS_MINY, TS_MAXY, tft.height(), 0);
if (p.y >H1 && p.y<H5 ) {
if (p.x>X1 && p.x<X6){
if (p.x>X1 && p.x<X2){
if (p.y>H1 && p.y<H2){

I have tried using:
But anything happens, I don't know why. If I try to print it in other place of the code, it works with no problems, but the problem is that I want only that the number 7 appears when I push the key I've drawn in the screen.
I guess that I have to put the "tft.print" command in other place of the code, but where? Any idea to sync printings and touches to screen?

Could you post your code and .h file?

Could you post your code and .h file?

And learn to use the code tags (hit the '#' button above the row of smilies and then insert the code inside of that)?

It appears that this library can not print text. Im looking at the .h file and it looks like it is just for simple boxes and lines.

It should have came with a demo, does that print text on the screen?

You say you can print the number 7 if your print statement is in another part of the code...where?

Since you haven't specified where on the screen your text should print, for example, tft.setCursor(0, 30);, I wouldn't expect to see any text.

Also, your button dimensions appear to be undefined, so there must be some code before the void loop().

Post ALL your code.

Regards, -__-