TFT display based on ILI9486 +UNO+ Mcufriend library,display off

Hello everyone,

I interfaced the ILI9486 based TFT display with arduino uno ,all I want is ok with operation of Tft .

But I am little bit confuse about to shut the display off .

I want to shut the "display off "for some moment .

When you ask a question it is wise to post a link to your actual hardware.

A TFT controller can be sent to Sleep. It is a standard MIPI command. You can reduce controller current from 20mA to a few uA. Likewise, there is a MIPI Display Off command.

The Backlight LED takes 50mA .. 300mA depending on your screen.

Regular Mcufriend shields have no access to the backlight LED. Many of them take an inappropriately HIGH current.

There is little point in turning off the backlight if you are powered from USB or mains.
A TFT (without backlight control) is not suitable for a battery application.


Thanks david for reply,

But i still unabled to understood for sleep out by MIPI command.I studid these by TFT instuction set but not understanding yet.

I oberve the one more sleep IN-OUT pattern for TFT in mcufriend library in ili9486_init.h as well as in following link :

how can I used it by calling the sleep IN-OUT instruction on regular mcufriend sketch.

I attached the image of my TFT display.....