TFT display for Nano Every

Hey together,

I'm trying to build a weather station and therefore I want to use a tft display. Can someone recommend one for the 'nano every' where I don't need 1000 cables? I don't need a big display because I only want to show the temperature and humidity.

Thanks to everyone who can help me.

The NANO-EVERY is 5V. All TFTs require 3.3V logic. Hence level shifters are needed for every logic signal (the controller VCC pin is powered by 3.3V).

SPI displays have less signals i.e. less wires.

If you buy a Shield that was made for a Uno, it will have the necessary 3.3V regulator, level shifters, ...

If you are really worried about minimal wiring, buy a 20x4 LCD with I2C backpack. It is 5V. 4 wires and you are done. Or buy a ST7920 Graphic LCD. It is SPI and 5V.


Thanks for the ideas, but I would like a "normal" display with colors and non LCD. Is there a colored display with a controller I can use and which small Arduino can I use instead? An E-Paper would be possible too.

A Uno clone with a Uno TFT shield is the smallest neatest way to get a compact display.

Let’s face it. If you want a 2.4 inch display, you have a 2.4 inch footprint, exactly the same as a Uno in the first place. But without trailing wires and external level shifters.

SPI shields give you lots of spare GPIO.
Parallel Shields use most of the pins.

The Uno clone is cheaper than an EVERY.


To make it clear: I want to build something like this: Eve Room | but in better! So I need a small, but not too small square screen and a small Arduino.
Do you have something like this for me?

Look at M5Stack e.g. this kit or similar.

There is no way to get a neat and tidy display with a 5V EVERY.


You may want to look at a Wemos D1 mini with a 1.4" tft shield.