TFT display help needed

My program draws a map on the display and plots position data received on APRS. I'm using the UTFT library. It works, but is limited to the root directory, and I have hundreds of map tiles, too many to fit in root. SdFat works on this device (a mega board with Sain 320x240 display and SD card), using any path, but is not supported by UTFT's loadBitMap function.

Is there any way to get this TFT to work with the standard Arduino TFT library? I understand that serial data is on pin 38, serial clock on 39, chip select on 40, and reset on 41. The card chip select is set at SS and that works. I would appreciate any help.

It sound as though the way to do this is to interface UTFT to the SDcard driver you want, ie you might be the first, but try googling anyway in case someone else beat you.

Also check the most recent UTFT library as its under continuous development.