TFT Display on 32kb Flash rom Arduino

Will 2.4" to 3.2" Displays work with Arduino with 32kb of Flash RAM?

How big might the library go when compiled?



The C++ compiler is quite good at removing parts of code that are not used, so the size of the compiled image will depend on what library functions your sketch uses.

Thanks PaulRB!!

Flash RAM

I just re-read that and realised you may be confusing Flash memory and ram. They are different. On Arduino, your code is stored in Flash memory when you upload your sketch. Flash memory does not lose its contents when power is disconnected. It cannot be used to store new or updated data when the sketch is running (at least on standard Arduinos). Ram memory is use to store variables and such like when the sketch is running. Is contents are lost when the power is disconnected. Most Arduino have only about 2K of ram. This limitation can make updating large tft displays quite slow, because only a small part of the display can be held in ram before being send out to the display. So the screen image has to be redrawn several times to paint the whole screen. So while it will work, more ram is better/faster for these displays. You cannot add ram to an Uno/Nano/Micro in a way that is useful for speeding up writing to tft displays, so if speed is important, consider a Mega/Teensy/esp8266.