TFT Display Question

I'd like to set up something like this project: Mini Arduino Environment Monitor ** UPDATE - Added RTC *** : 14 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables
...using this LCD: 3.2" TFT LCD Touch Screen with SD slot for Arduino and Raspberry Pi –

Will this work with Arduino UNO? What are all the 40 pins for? I want the display to be "movable" inside my project box; can I connect this to a protoboard and then wire it to my Arduino? Are all 40 pins really used (was hoping it was like 3 or 4)??

Is it safe to assume that I'll be able to use this library with it? Electronics - Henning Karlsen
Does that library support different fonts, colors, and sizes?

Thank you!

That lcd will need the proper shield. There is one for an UNO and one for the Mega. However being that you want to use an UNO, you may also want a proto board to have access to the unused pins. Now with the proto board and shield, it will be rather bulky. So what you can do is try to find an Lcd made to fit an UNO without the need of a shield. You may still want to consider a proto board too, otherwise you will need to bend the unused pins to be able to use them for your sensors.

Search around digikey, mouser and eBay, and your sure to find just the right one.